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Fujino Tenkara Tapered Lines (soft)

Fujino Tenkara Tapered Lines (soft)
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Brand:  Fujino

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This hi viz line is a favourite with Japanese anglers for presenting flies at a range where some casting line must be laid on the surface. Often large, mobile-hackled kebari (wet flies) are presented at range and “pulsed” through the water using rhythmic movements of the rod tip. As the name suggests, the line is supple and any coil memory is easily stretched out.

They are also tremendous lines for fishing regular dry fly patterns – and are especially suitable for open rivers with not much in the way of overhanging tree canopy. All lines, when viewed against an open sky, are dark silhouettes. At the same time, the angler can easily keep track of their line both in the air and on the water (for casting accuracy and take-detection respectively). Applying a little line floatant makes these lines pick off the water and also float very well.

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