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Hakusan 10ft to 12ft

Hakusan 10ft to 12ft
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Collapsed Length: 26" (67.5cm)
Full Length: 10ft (305cm) to 12ft (366cm)
Weight: 3.52oz (100g)
Handle Length 12" (31cm)

Handle material:

Contoured high-density EVA with cork composite trim at the front (and EVA-encapsulated end-cap)
Number of Sections: 8


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Hakusan 3.1m to 3.6m zoom (approx. 10 to 12ft) 

It is simple. If you want a truly Japanese-actioned, premium tenkara rod then choose the Hakusan. 

It loads perfectly with the lightest of lines, yet has an instant, crisp recovery. The feeling when you fish with it is fine-tuned, perfectly-balanced sensitivity. An effortless squeeze of the hand delivers your fly right on target. It is a joy when playing and landing fish up to roughly a pound and a half in weight or a bit more (for fish much bigger than this or for using bead-head flies, look at Otaki and Honryu models). The Hakusan is the perfect tool for fishing unweighted fly patterns – especially Japanese kebari!

Delicacy with inner strength is an ideal description.

In your hand the Hakusan feels nearly weightless because of its careful construction - and the firm EVA handle transmits every tremble of the line right to your fingertips. The fishing experience is matched only by the very best single-length Japanese rods… 

Yet the Hakusan can be fished, and locked, at two different lengths. 

The combination of strength, lightness and recovery usually means a fragile rod – but the reverse-carbon construction gives added durability without the need for heavy applications of lacquer. Reverse-carbon is where the raw cloth is rolled so that the weave is on the outside of the blank (normally it sits on the inside). This lets us keep our favoured stealth, matt finish and even removes the excess weight of lacquer from the equation.


Why “Hakusan”?

Named in tribute to the mountain whose snow-covered slopes feed the Itoshiro river system “Hakusan” or “White Mountain” is one of the three most revered holy mountains in Japan (alongside Fuji-san and Tateyama). The name and region has special meaning for us at Discover Tenkara. The Itoshiro River gave us our very first experience of catching iwana and amago using authentic tenkara techniques. We have since used those same Japanese tactics on our home streams with fantastic success.

You might wonder what is the significance of Itoshiro to Hakusan?

Well, the white slopes of the White Mountain feed the whole Itoshiro river system from the melting of its snow in the spring-time. The beauty of those snowy mountain slopes inspired local villagers to build the beautiful Hakusan Jinja shrine in a forest of giant cedar trees. In much the same way, the waters flowing from Hakusan have inspired many fishing dreams with the beautiful fish that they support.

Taking this rod and using it on your own streams brings a little piece of those beautiful Japanese streams with you and it makes catching your own native trout a complete joy. 

Why a dual-length zoom rod?

Just like many rivers, the Itoshiro river has open sections as well as areas of dense tree canopy. In open water you can enjoy the benefits offered by using the rod at its full length. At any moment, though, you can instantly slide and lock it down to fish as a short rod when you find yourself in tight cover.

As well as avoiding branches, shortening the rod makes the action faster. This is perfect – as it means you only need a much narrower casting arc to load the rod. Moving the tip less while casting in tight cover equals a lower chance of hitting an obstacle…how neat is that?

How come no third zoom-point?

Having just two different fishing lengths is ideal – as we have found that when a third (intermediate) length-setting is available; you hardly ever use it. In the real world, the rod is really always fished at either its full length or shortest length. Not only that - the fewer components in the locking device also minimise potential weaknesses that could develop over time with more complex mechanisms.

Instead our long, contoured grip not only perfectly counter-balances the rod – it also allows you to easily modify the “working length” of the blank. Simply sliding your hand forward or back along the grip basically makes the third zoom-point redundant!

If you want the very best, authentic Japanese tenkara experience on stream – taking a Hakusan and pairing it with a single kebari guarantees you exactly that. The fact that you can have this performance as a “two rods in one” format ensures that you are covered in a wide range of conditions.

I suppose the most direct way to put it is: If you are serious about your tenkara enjoyment, you need to get one today…

Don’t worry if you break a rod tip during use. The Tenkara Centre range is covered by our outstanding commitment to replace the first tip Free Of Charge. Any further replacement tips are available from just £10, so you can fish with confidence. Find out more on our replacement tips page


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