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Tenkara Line holder

Tenkara Line holder
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Brand:  Tenkara Centre

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Circular line holders have a huge advantage over line-storage devices that put sharp kinks into your casting line. Unlike a kinked line, loose coil memory is easily stretched out and your casting accuracy, distance and control are all maximised.

Simply hooking your fly into one of the central recesses in the body of the spool allows you to wind all of your tippet and your casting line – ready rigged – onto the spool. The loose end of the line is firmly held in place by tucking it between the soft yellow foam and one of the rigid “petals” that are equally spaced around the rim of the spool. These spools are designed so that they will fit snugly onto the handle of most tenkara rods and are available in two diameters. The larger is useful for wrapping longer lines with fewer turns around the spool and the medium is a little more compact for convenient storage if you want to carry several pre-rigged line-options.

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