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Honryu Kebari (pack of 3)

Honryu Kebari (pack of 3)
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3 flies per pack

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Our kebari range is divided into four types based on their design and function:

Honryu Kebari with tungsten beads(Honryu = main river)

Honryu tenkara is relatively modern development in Japan. It took off with the advent of modern tackle technology that enables anglers to comfortably reach greater distances with a fixed line. There are numerous points of view when it comes to what tactics are suitable. There are traditionalists such as Masami Sakakibara who insist that unweighted kebari are the only patterns that should be used.  In contrast, other practitioners such as Dr Ishigaki or Kazumi Saigo are completely at home employing tungsten beaded patterns to tackle the strong currents found in the larger rivers of Japan.

It is interesting to note that the weight in a honryu kebari is not always used to sink the fly as deep as possible. Weighted patterns are often fished just a few inches below the surface, often with manipulation. The weight is sometimes used to counterbalance the effects of wind or strong currents to keep the kebari at the chosen depth (which can be as little as 2 or 3 inches).

For the UK angler our weighted Honryu Kebari offer an extra tool not only for targeting trout but also grayling, especially during the colder months.

Honryu Kebari stiff hackle with black thread body.

Affectionately referred to as the "secret kebari", Paul and John originally saw this pattern in action when Dr Ishigaki fished a heavily coloured and rising river in Derbyshire where he managed several good fish using honryu tenkara techniques. The pattern  easily catches its fair share of fish from smaller streams too.

Tech specs:
Hook - curved shank barbless size 12
Bead - 2.5mm tungsten (silver)
Hackle - rooster (grizzle)
Body - black tying silk

Honryu Kebari stiff hackle with red thread and peacock body.

A great pattern based on several different successful kebari patterns; this fly works well on any stream for trout or grayling and the extra splash of colour can be helpful when fishing peat stained streams or when there is additional colour in the river due to high water.

Tech specs:
Hook - curved shank barbless size 12
Bead - 2.5mm tungsten (black nickel)
Hackle - rooster (black)
Body - red tying silk and peacock herl

Honryu Kebari soft hackle with peacock herl body.

This pattern is based on our Mendori Sakasa Kebari and was frequently used by both John and Paul when they were first learning tenkara on more boisterous rain fed rivers in the UK. The tungsten bead gets the fly down quickly which can be very helpful when fishing in "pocket water" and the soft reverse hackle offers tantalising movement when pulsed or manipulated.

Tech specs:
Hook - curved shank barbless size 12
Bead - 2.5mm tungsten (silver)
Hackle - hen pheasant
Body - black tying silk and peacock herl


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