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Mendori Jun Kebari (pack of 3)

Mendori Jun Kebari (pack of 3)
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Mendori Jun:  

Brand:  Discover Tenkara

3 flies per pack

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Our kebari range is divided into four types based on their design and function:

Mendori Jun Kebari (Mendori = hen, Jun = normal)

These kebari, although not quite as well known in the west, are very popular in Japan and bear striking similarities to numerous traditional wet flies in the UK. They are perhaps best fished upstream in a dead drift style in a similar fashion to upstream North Country wet flies. These kebari are in the style of those documented by Yoshikazu Fujioka as being from the Shokawa area of Japan where John and Paul were lucky enough to fish these patterns on the Shokawa river.

The Mendori Jun style kebari offer great mobility in the feather fibres while dead drifting in complex currents and work well whether fished in slow, medium or moderately fast flows with an upstream or up and across presentation.

All our soft hackles are hen pheasant in keeping with traditional Japanese patterns.

Mendori Jun Kebari with black dubbing body.

This pattern will work almost anywhere in the world and we've seen kebari like this in numerous Japanese anglers fly boxes. A black dubbed body is a firm favourite of Masami Sakakibara and when paired with a soft hen pheasant hackle the resulting kebari is a proven fish catcher.

Tech specs:
Hook - straight shank barbless size 12 or 14
Hackle - hen pheasant
Body - black dubbing

Mendori  Jun Kebari with "zenmai" style body.

Zenmai dubbing is gathered from the heads of newly emerging ferns in the mountains of Japan. Paul and John have gathered and used it with great success and were eager to find a suitable substitute due to the limited availability of the original material. This kebari features our substitute dubbing material which closely matches the correct look.

Tech specs:
Hook - straight shank barbless size 12 or 14
Hackle - hen pheasant
Body - zenmai effect dubbing

Mendori Jun Kebari with peacock herl body.

No fly collection would be complete without the unmistakeable iridescence of natural peacock herl. This kebari is reminiscent of a pattern from Shokawa and was used by John on the Shokawa river where he was fortunate enough to catch some beautiful iwana. This pattern has also accounted for some good trout captures here in the UK.

Tech specs:
Hook - straight shank barbless size 12 or 14
Hackle - hen pheasant
Body - peacock herl


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