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Ondori Jun Kebari (pack of 3)

Ondori Jun Kebari (pack of 3)
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Ondori Jun Kebari:  

Brand:  Discover Tenkara

3 flies per pack

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Our kebari range is divided into four types based on their design and function:

Ondori Jun Kebari (Ondori = rooster, Jun = normal)

This style of kebari includes Dr Ishigaki's famous pattern and many of these stiff hackled flies are often mistaken for dry flies by western anglers (and commercial fly-tiers). Japanese anglers tend to favour stiff rooster hackles for wet fly patterns when they want to maintain the fly's profile in strong currents (where a soft hackle may be washed flat against the hook) or where they wish to take advantage of the "anchoring" or drogue-like effect that a stiff-hackled wet fly offers.

The Ondori Jun style kebari seem to "grab hold" when cast into back eddies or slower currents and offer a great profile and presentation in slow or fast water whether fished upstream, across or downstream with dead drift or subtle manipulation. 

Ondori Jun Kebari with black thread body.

The style of kebari made famous by Dr Ishigaki and its reputation is well deserved. This kebari has been a go to pattern for Paul and John ever since they first received intensive training from Dr Ishigaki on their home streams in the UK. This kebari has also resulted in many fish captures while studying with Dr Ishigaki in Japan too.

Tech specs:
Hook - straight shank barbless size 12 or 14
Hackle - rooster (red/brown)
Body - black tying silk

Ondori Jun Kebari with cream thread body.

A light body and grizzle hackle variation, this kebari is based on a pattern taught to John and Paul by Hirata san in Japan who ties his kebari in the hand without the aid of a vice. Hirata san can be seen tying this style of kebari in Discover Tenkara's DVD (vol. 2).

Tech specs:
Hook - straight shank barbless size 12 or 14
Hackle - rooster (grizzle)
Body - cream tying silk

Ondori Jun Kebari with peacock herl body.

This black hackled beauty is probably the most likely to be mistaken for a dry fly (and if you put a dab of floatant on it and catch fish from the surface we know you will enjoy that). The real potential of this kebari is unlocked when used subsurface in turbulent water where fish are always eager to feed on any unfortunate terrestrial invertebrates.

Tech specs:
Hook - straight shank barbless size 12 or 14
Hackle - rooster (black)
Body - peacock herl


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