Our Mission

Tenkara is a traditional form of fly fishing from the mountains of Japan. In its original form it looks just like all other ancient forms of fly fishing that have developed many times around the world.  No reel is used and a genuine fly fishing cast is used to present a simple artificial fly with great accuracy and control.

Tenkara offers a very direct sensation of casting and controlling the fly – as well as hooking and landing fish. You always see a big smile when someone plays their first fish on a tenkara rod.

In modern tenkara tackle, carbon fibre rods and casting lines made from space-age materials make the experience a little less gruelling than with the original whole bamboo rods and horse-hair line. It is great fun and the long, light rods can greatly reduce the shoulder and wrist strain of fly fishing.

Tenkara Centre’s mission is to provide the highest performance tenkara tackle by ensuring our designs are based on authentic and proven principles of Japanese tenkara fishing.

Our rods and lines are also ideal for delicate “North Country” spider tactics as well as the methods of modern competition fly-fishing (although you will not be allowed to use tenkara gear in official contests!). This means you can begin with familiar methods and then – if you like – there is a whole range of Japanese tactics to learn and explore.

If you enjoy the effectiveness of modern nymph fishing – but miss the feeling of fly casting, or if you are looking to reduce and simplify the gear that you take to the river; then tenkara is a perfect match for you. It has been highly effective on all rivers around the world that we have fished it and there are rods that are comfortable handling wild trout up to around 4lb (1.8 kg) in weight as well as delicate models to match smaller fish.

So please enjoy checking out Tenkara Centre’s range of tackle – and also browse our ever-growing information and tips library produced by Discover Tenkara; the leading authorities on Japanese tenkara outside Japan.

We are happy to advise you on suitable set-ups for the waters that you fish and we are convinced that our advice and support is the very best in the west!